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As a child, Gabriela was surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements throughout her household used for inspiration by her grandmother and mother who were both talented still life painters. She also was taught a deep appreciation and connection to nature by her mother, who would take her on long walks and encourage her to observe the fragility of plants, their subtle essence and appreciate the unique shapes, tones, and textures of the petals, leaves, and foliage. Little did she know how much these small details of her upbringing would later shape her career and life long passion.

Born with an artistic gift, Gabriela completed an Art History Degree in Mexico and later relocated to the UK to study Architecture Interiors at the Inchbald School of Design. During this time that she discovered her adoration for the beauty of flowers, becoming enthralled at the power and impact they could make on people’s lives. Upon graduation, she traveled to New York City where she enrolled in a floral design class and was fortunate enough to be given opportunities to mentor with several world renowned floral designers which opened her eyes to a variety of creative perspectives.This experience solidified what she already knew in her heart – that she was destined to be a florist and though this medium could combine her love of nature, art and design to impact people’s lives through stunning arrangements for their precious moments.

Returning to Mexico, Gabriela launched La Musa de las Flores and embarked on an ambitious undertaking to grow and cultivate flowers previously unavailable in Mexico. Through nurturing and expanding her garden, Gabriela developed a new connection to floral design influenced by the resilience, balance and aesthetic appreciation for flowers she gained by personally cultivating and watching the full life cycle of her beautiful plants. Her serene garden has thrived into a magnificent living, abundant space that connects her soul to the earth and fuels inspiration for her exquisite pieces that are both breathtaking and statuesque. Her talent as a designer has taken her all across Mexico, the United States and Europe to share her creative and fascinating floral arrangements.

Gabriela’s designs are influenced by her connection to nature, the beauty of life and the vivid energy that flowers invoke in us all. Even the foliage used in all her arrangements are hand picked from her walks through the countryside. She oversees each minute detail, from planting seeds, to sourcing exotic flowers from across the globe to embracing the unique essence of each petal to deliver exceptionally stunning pieces. One thing is for certain, an arrangement from La Musa de las Flores is made from the heart and an extension of kindness and passion, perfect for celebrating your special occasion.