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Starting a garden to cultivate the flowers for her arrangements, ended up shaping Gabriela as a designer more than she ever could have imagined on the day she packed her bags and moved from Mexico City to the country to begin her ambitious project.

Learning how to become a successful gardener came from cultivating an understanding of soil quality, patience and an appreciation for the miracle of life. Every day spent in her living, vibrant landscape offers new insights on growth rotation, the fragility and energy of plants along with inspiration to develop further as a designer. Gabriela has also transformed her garden into a place of learning, offering classes to the public in floral design.

Her love of teaching and creating an impact on how people connect with nature is rooted in her joy of sharing her philosophy on how flowers are intertwined with the soil and earth – a profound connection to life. Many people have sought inspiration, a break from their daily routine and discovered the serene beauty that accompanies the learning process of growing and uncovering a creative outlet through floral design.

As Gabriela’s garden continues to thrive and expand, new beautiful flowers will find a home in the Mexican countryside. Their vivid color combinations, textures, and precious life will continue to inspire her designs for the future. And Gabriela, in turn, will continue to inspire others through her garden.